TAU Call out

Transnational Adoptees United is a collective of organisations sharing a critical perspective on transnational adoption. 

We call upon all Nordic countries, who build on the same adoption model to stop the colonial practice of transnational adoptions. We call for transparency and full disclosure of falsifications and loss of human rights within transnational adoption. We call for the original families rights to be protected and governments to take responsibility for adoptees forced to live without any knowledge of their origin.

TAU Goals

  1. An in-depth independent investigation of transnational adoption in each of the Scandinavian countries with precise placement of responsibility.
  2. An official apology to all transnational adoptees from the prime minister in each Scandinavian country for failing their responsibility to secure transnational adoption performed ethically. 
  3. Reconciliation in the forms of reparations to all transnational adoptees for loss of origin, culture and language.
  4. A paradigm shift in the public perception of transnational adoption.