Flip the Script 2021

Flip the Script is an annual conference organized by, with and for transnational adoptees. Flip the Script wants to elevate the voices and experiences of transnational adoptees.
WHAT IS FLIP THE SCRIPT? In general, the term “Flip the Script” means to question the norm and general perspective on a certain subject. In the public debate, a simplified and narrow debate of transnational adoption is conducted by a majority of non-adoptee voices and stakeholders within the transnational adoption system. The Flip the Script conference was started as a counter-reaction to this. It’s time to Flip The Script regarding transnational adoption, adoption policy and independent investigations!

This year, the new collective TUA (Transnationally Adoptees United) has the honor of hosting Flip the Script 2021. TAU is a nordic collective of organizations that share a critical view on transnational adoption. EARLIER YEARS The Flip the Script conference has been held in Stockholm 2016, 2017 and in Gothenburg 2019, broadcast from Malmö in 2020.